Why delay your project, when you can get financing today?!

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Our financing options include:

    • Up to 100% financing for all your renovation projects
    • No down payment required
    • Low Monthly Payment Programs
    • Open Loan – Pay off or pay down the entire loan at anytime without penalties
    • Personal and Confidential


    1. What type of loan will be granted to me?
    The loan granted is a HOME RENOVATION LOAN. Only the registered homeowner on the title of the property can apply for this loan.

    2. Will a coborrower be required?
    In the event that you are not eligible for the full amount requested, a coborrower may be added. This person does not have to be registered in the title of the property.

    3. What type of documentation is required?
    Proof of income (last pay slip or latest T4) is required by both, the principal applicant and the coborrower if this is the case.

    4. Where is the documentation to be sent?
    The mentioned documental evidence is to be loaded within the Financeit Application; this is the link that you receive via email once you have filled in the form for the Loan Application.

    5. Is it possible to pay off the loan at any moment?
    Yes, the Home Renovation Loan via Financeit is an open loan. This means it may be paid off at any point in time and this decision will not come attached with any type of penalties.

    6. How will RenoLeaders receive the payments?
    The payments for the Basement Renovation Project will be addressed from Financeit to RenoLeaders throughout the execution of the project.

    7. When will I begin to pay my loan?
    Once the project has been completed, then your relationship and your payments with Financeit will begin. You are to pay a monthly installment of the amount agreed upon depending on the amount of the loan and the amortization period.

    8. Will a lien be placed on my home?
    No, liens are placed on the property by Financeit only in the event that any payments are missed.

    9. Will there be any additional fees?
    This Home Renovation Loan comes with a 3.25% fee that will be deducted upon each one of the three funded amounts addressed to cover your project.